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Combustion Technologies is the manufacturer of a variety of CleanBoost Fuel Treatments, CleanBoost Lubricants & Combust Filtration Products. CleanBoost products have been used safely since 1995 in on-road & off-road engines applications helping reduce soot and maintenance issues. Our proprietary nano-technology reduces maintenance costs and helps extend oil drain intervals in most cases.

Keeping Engines Performing At Peak Levels

Our CleanBoost fuel treatments are based on a proprietary nano-technology that helps reduce the ignition threshold allowing for more power and in most cases better economy. When less of the fuel is wasted as heat, it results in generating more power that you feel in the throttle. 

Depending on if you are looking for better fuel economy or more power, CleanBoost can help your diesel engine run smoother & healthier.

Less unburned fuel leaves the combustion chambers as soot, which keeps exhaust valves, turbos and exhaust systems cleaner. The end result is that CleanBoost Fuel Treatments keep engines performing at peak levels for a much longer period.

Lubes & Greases

Combustion Technologies manufactures  CleanBoost EMT and Mettle Plus Grease. Our team has extensive field experience in fleet, mining, oil & gas, as well as manufacturing and maintenance solutions. 

CleanBoost EMT and Mettle Plus lubricants were developed with the end-user in mind. Each and every product that we manufacture goes through an extensive testing procedure using ASTM methods.

Combustion Technologies
Combustion Technologies

Oils & Lubricants (CleanBoost Oil)

Combustion Technologies does not just make unified products. We look at each application individually to provide the best overall solution.

This approach provides for the absolute best value for the customer in return on investment in costs, routine maintenance labor, and cost reductions, and providing for the most prolonged potential use of the equipment purchased.

Engine Bypass Filtration (Oils/Lubes)

Our Combust Filters Oil By-Pass Filtration System provides

By keeping the oil free of moisture, contamination, and particulates larger than 3 microns, your engine oil will have reduced oxidation, nitration, while maintaining the required oil viscosity and TBN for proper lubrication.

Increased Engine Life

We developed our systems with you and your fleet in mind. Our systems incorporate only the best technology and high-quality construction for ease of use and installation. 

Our synthetic and cellulose filter media provide consistent 3-micron filtration, ensuring all harmful wear metals are removed in a single pass. Engine life is substantially increased by keeping your oil pure and clean.

* Extended Engine & Component Life

* Reduced Oil Consumption

* Pollution Prevention

* Reduced Moisture in your engine oil/lubrication

Car Care Products NanoSheen/Penetrating Spray

To help the individual as well as the repair shop owners. Combustion looks at each application individually to provide the best overall solution for the operation of intended use and for the individual customer. (Click on the product name to the right for more details)

CleanBoost Car Care Products help keep your vehicles and equipment clean, also shop supplies that work properly are very important to all mechanics and weekend do it yourselfers.

CleanBoost Oil Absorbent works like no other absorbent in the market, make sure and contact us for more details.

Look at our product listed that we offer and manufacture here in the USA.

DNFT-"Whitlock Instruments" No-Flo Switches

Combustion Technologies is an authorized dealer for Whitlock Instruments and offers world-wide shipping options. DNFT performs monitoring and shutdown functions like No-Flow, Low-Flow or Excessive-Flow for Divider-Block Lubrication Systems. The DNFT is a totally enclosed solid state electronic device for detecting Slow-Flow and No-Flow on in-line progressive lubrication systems.

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Installed DNFT Switch
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Combustion Technologies has years of experience on the front line

  • Tribology

  • Lubrication & Fuels

  • Detailed Analysis of Oil & Fuel Reports

  • Mining Equipment Maintenance

  • Proactive Maintenance Solutions

  • Fleet Transportation Maintenance Solutions

  • Industrial (Oil & Gas)

  • Power Generation & Rental Equipment

  • Research & Development of new formulas & products

  • Reducing Operation Costs

  • Increasing the Longevity of Equipment Life

  • Reducing Fuel Consumption

  • Reducing Emissions & Environmental Impact

  • Chemical Blending & Private Label for Companies

  • Our team is committed to helping the environment, as well as saving our world-wide customers costs on maintenance solutions. We have offices in the United States, Canada & can offer solutions throughout the world.

    Contact us today, we would like to work with you and your company.

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