Fuel Additives

Unlock the true potential of your diesel engine with CleanBoost fuel additives, a cutting-edge solution designed to improve efficiency and performance. Our advanced formulas help you achieve better fuel economy and increased power, making your engines run smoother, healthier, and reduce your carbon footprint. Trusted by fleets, mining operations, fuel jobbers, and maintenance managers worldwide, CleanBoost is unmatched in quality and innovation.

Experience the Power of Proprietary Formulations

CleanBoost fuel additives are based on a proprietary technology that effectively reduces the ignition threshold. By allowing more fuel to burn and wasting less heat, your engine will generate more power and better economy.

This innovative formula also prevents soot formation and carbon deposits because there is less unburned fuel left in the combustion chambers, keeping your exhaust valves, turbochargers, and exhaust systems cleaner. This allows your diesel engine to perform at its optimal level, extending its life and reducing maintenance expenses and harmful exhaust emissions.

Quality and Environment: Our Promise to You

At CleanBoost, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the highest-quality products and services while prioritizing the environment. Our fuel treatments are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2018 standards, guaranteeing consistency and continuous improvement of our working practices. Moreover, our CleanBoost products abide by ISO 14001:2015 standards, demonstrating our dedication to protecting the environment and ensuring the safety and health of our employees, contractors, and communities.

Benefits of CleanBoost Fuel Additives

By choosing CleanBoost fuel additives, you will enjoy:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased power and performance
  • Cleaner combustion chambers and exhaust systems
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Reduction in pollution

Whether you're looking for a diesel fuel additive or a gasoline additive, CleanBoost has the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Take the First Step Toward Enhanced Engine Performance

Don't let unburned fuel and emissions hold your diesel engine back. Choose a product that customers trust—clean, effective, eco-friendly fuel additives that truly make a difference.

Enjoy the assurance of better performance and efficiency by ordering CleanBoost fuel additives today.

Keeping Engines Performing At Peak Levels

Our CleanBoost fuel treatments are based on a proprietary nano-technology that helps reduce the ignition threshold allowing for more power and in most cases better economy. When less of the fuel is wasted as heat, it results in generating more power that you feel in the throttle. 

Depending on if you are looking for better fuel economy or more power, CleanBoost can help your diesel engine run smoother & healthier.

Less unburned fuel leaves the combustion chambers as soot, which keeps exhaust valves, turbos and exhaust systems cleaner. The end result is that CleanBoost Fuel Treatments keep engines performing at peak levels for a much longer period.