Motor Oil

When it comes to maintaining your valuable machinery, be it fleet vehicles, mining equipment, or diesel engines, choosing the right motor oil is essential. With CleanBoost motor oil, you can be confident that you are investing in the highest quality engine lubricant for optimal performance and prolonged equipment life.

Experience the difference that comes with CleanBoost. We don’t just provide a product; we offer a solution.

Unparalleled Return on Investment

Our line of CleanBoost motor oils and lubricants offers the best overall value for our customers in terms of cost savings, reduced maintenance labor, and prolonged equipment life. We understand the importance of protecting your investment and minimizing downtime. That’s why our product selection of synthetic motor oils and diesel motor oils is designed for peak performance in various applications.

Product Lineup Engineered for Performance

Our extensive product line ensures that you find the perfect motor oil and lubricant solution for your specific application, whether it's for fleets, mining, fuel jobbers, or maintenance managers:

  • Engine Metal Treatment (EMT): Enhance and protect your engine components with our revolutionary EMT, resulting in reduced wear and tear and improved overall performance.
  • Penetrating Spray (PLS Gold): Designed for effortless cleaning and lubricating of hard-to-reach parts, providing superior protection against friction, heat, and wear.
  • Grease (Mettle Plus Gold): Exceptional load-bearing capabilities to ensure smooth and efficient operations, even in extreme temperatures and environments.
  • Hydraulic Oils: Eco-friendly hydraulic oil solutions that effectively balance performance and environmental impact.
  • 5w40 Full Synthetic DD: Premium synthetic motor oil specifically formulated for diesel engines to deliver enhanced protection and performance.
  • 15w40 Diesel Duty: Designed for the unique demands of diesel engines, our Diesel Duty motor oil ensures reliable engine performance across various applications.
  • 20w50 Racing Oil: Offering the extra protection necessary for high-performance racing engines, guaranteeing peak performance even under extreme conditions.
  • 70W Racing Oil: Designed for racing engines that utilize nitro-methanol fuel, offering unparalleled lubrication and protection.

Quality You Can Rely On

At Combustion Technologies, we are dedicated to manufacturing the highest-quality products using ASTM-tested methods. Our team has extensive field experience in several industries, including fleet, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, and maintenance solutions. CleanBoost EMT and Mettle Plus Gold engine lubricants were developed with the end-user in mind. That means you receive the best value and results from our products.

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Improve the efficiency of your fleet, mining equipment, or other heavy machinery by trusting in the quality and performance of CleanBoost motor oils and engine lubricants. Don't let inferior products bring your operation to a standstill. Maximize the potential of your equipment with our reliable and efficient engine lubricant solutions.

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Combustion Technologies does not just make unified products. We look at each application individually to provide the best overall solution.

This approach provides for the absolute best value for the customer in return on investment in costs, routine maintenance labor, and cost reductions, and providing for the most prolonged potential use of the equipment purchased.