CleanBoost Diesel Rescue

Diesel Rescue

CleanBoost Diesel Rescue is specially formulated to thaw diesel systems that are already gelled. Simply install/pour it in gelled fuel tanks and fuel filters, CleanBoost Diesel Rescue will liquefy the fuel and get your engine running instantly.


  • Re-Liquefies Gelled Fuel

  • Thaws Frozen Fuel Filters

  • Prevents Fuel Filter Icing


  • Extends Life of Fuel Filters, Injectors and Pumps

  • Effective in all Diesel Fuels, ULSD & Biofuels

  • Compared to Power Service 911

  • Increases Cetane numbers of the fuel

  • Helps with starting diesel engine in extreme cold weather conditions


    Add 32 ounces of CleanBoost Diesel Rescue to every 100 gallons of fuel. Remove fuel filters, Fill fuel filters with 50% CleanBoost Diesel Rescue and 50% diesel fuel if available. Re-install fuel filters. Start engine and allow to idle until warm. To Thaw Frozen Fuel Filters: Remove fuel filters and empty any liquid or gel. Fill fuel filters with 50% Diesel Rescue and 50% Diesel Fuel. Reinstall fuel filters. Start engine and allow to idle until warm.

    CleanBoost Diesel Rescue is not recommended as a standalone "Anti-Gel" Pour Point or CFPP product. CleanBoost Diesel Rescue is great when stranded because of a frozen fuel filter or gelled fuel tank. When cold weather starts, the best solution is to treat your diesel fuel with CleanBoost Sno-Cat to prevent further gelling and to help keep your equipment running smooth all winter long.