CleanBoost SC Winter Fuel Treatment

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Winter and Cold Weather Fuel Additive (SC Winter Fuel Treatment)

Running Strongall Winter Long with CleanBoost SC Winter is designed to work with #1 and #2 Diesel Fuels as well as B5 and B20 Biodiesels to reduce pour points and stop Gelling in cold weather climates. CleanBoost SC Winter is a unique blend of polymers combined with our CleanBoost Fuel Treatment formula to help lower the cold filter plug point of harder to treat diesel fuels.

When winter hits, you may not have the time to thaw your equipment fuel lines and change out fuel filters. To prevent gelling or the formation of crystals, CleanBoost SC Winter has been specially formulated to provide maximum flow/pouring capabilities in diesel and biodiesel fuels. The advanced formulation provides superior performance to help prevent filter plugging in cold temperatures and to eliminate the problems associated with water present in fuel. Make sure to change your fuel filters more often in the winter months, water is a filter’s worst enemy.

To ensure satisfactory cold weather performance CleanBoost SC Winter is capable of preventing gelling of diesel fuels as low as -52°F at a 1 to 2000 ratio (1 gallon of Sno-Cat to 2000 gallons of #1 or # 2 Diesel Fuel). (Note: treat rations vary from 1:1000 to 1:3000) depending on your location temperature. New testing with 2015 Winter Blend Fuel here in Utah shows -49F degrees, we were very happy. SC Winter also helps reduce waxing and CFPP .


  • Inhibits growth of wax crystals in storage tanks and equipment/truck fueling systems depresses the pour point, allows fuel to flow easier in cold temperatures.

  • Improves CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) behavior. Reduces need to use kerosene dilution for pour or flow control. Helps diesels start in cold weather environments. 

  • (Cold Filter Plugging Point) down to -18 degrees F depending on the micron rating of your fuel filter. 

  • Available: 1-gallon jug, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum and 330-gallon totes