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Refinery Octane Booster-Sold in Bulk Only

Clean Boost Plus Octane Booster is specially designed for rack and refinery grade gasoline that start at a 85  to 87 RON/MON. If your fuel needs a little pick-me-up because of low RON and MON readings, or you are a fuel jobber needing to make a less expensive premium gasoline,  give us a call, we may have a formulation that works for you.

There are two types for testing for Octane Boosters called AKI (Anti-Knock Index) and graded as (RON+MON)/2.  If a fuel has a RON (Research Octane Number) of 87, and a MON (Motor Octane Number) of 82 its AKI would be 84. Most gasolines can be graded on any of the standards AKI, MON, RON. What is octane and why is it important? Octane is what gives petrol its ability to resist pre-ignition. As displacement, compression, boost, RPM, go up it becomes harder to keep the fuel mixture from igniting prematurely. If under load or high heat, you experience knock with 87 octane, stepping up to 91 octane is logical step for both performance and longevity. If you experience no knock or timing pull at 91 there is no benefit to you stepping up to 93 or higher.  The additives that raise octane have less energy than the base fuel, effectively lowering the BTUs of the fuel. That is you will make the most power and have the best fuel economy with the lowest octane that is capable of preventing knock under your specific conditions. 

CleanBoost Plus (Octane Booster) will help with the following option for most gasolines:

  • Raises octane in unleaded gasoline

  • Effective in reducing tailpipe NOx emissions

  • Compatible with oxygenates

  • Compatible with catalytic converters

  • Treat Rate is 1:1000 raise 3 to 4 points with most gasoline (Motor Testing is Recommended)

With over 500 RON/MON engine tests done at a 3rd party testing labs, Combustion Technologies offers a great octane booster in bulk (55-gallon drums) that will treat up to 55,000 gallons of gasoline for refinery groups, jobber fuel suppliers or private label options.  

 Sold only to qualified distributors and registered Fuel Jobbers, we do not offer a retail version of this product at this time.

Call or email us today for more details about this great, breakthrough technology.