CleanBoost Platinum

Clean Boost Platinum

CleanBoost Platinum (Special Marine Applications)

CleanBoost™ Platinum fuel additive is our latest version of our CleanBoost formulation which is specifically developed to work in large diesel engines utilizing #2 ULSD in marine and mining applications. It is specifically recommended for treating the new, very-low sulfur marine fuels that are required under the IMO 2020 sulfur cap regulations.

Its main function is to promote the decompression of the large fuel particles in the flame and thus produces smaller fragments, which in turn are quickly burnt. This facilitates to complete the final stages of combustion reaction by lowering the temperatures at which soot burns, while virtually eliminating opacity (black smoke) problems by reducing emissions. Slagging, fouling and corrosion are also less likely, thereby extending equipment engine and fuel component life.

CleanBoost™ Platinum is designed to control asphaltenes in the diesel fuel and help with "Condition Monitoring" as well as increase lubricity to the fuel to help protect the fuel system, fuel injectors and helps keep the fuel system clean. Platinum can be used in any diesel applications, and is a great solution for fleets (trucking, marine) with on-site fueling or fuel jobbers with card locks/stations wanting to offer a premium diesel fuel to their customers.

CleanBoost™ Platinum fuel treatment can be added directly to bulk fuel tanks, or to the service tank of each piece of equipment at every fill-up.  Ongoing protection is achieved at a continuous treatment rate 1:3,000 or 333 ppm.  For severe fuel problems, an initial charging dose of 1:2,000 or 500 ppm may be required.  Speak to your Combustion Technologies representative for specific dosing questions or concerns, or for a comprehensive fuel tank analysis.

CleanBoost™ Platinum is only available in 55-gallon drums, call or fill out the contact form for more information.