Engine Metal Treatment (EMT)

Effective Engine Metal Treatment Products


Chlorine Free Metal Treatment and Oil Additive" Engine and Gear Box applications
CleanBoost EMT is more than an Engine Treatment, EMT also can be used in gear boxes, differentials and manual transmissions. Available in the following sizes:

  • 16oz, 64oz bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, contact us today to find a dealer near you

There are a lot of products on the market today claiming to be "Metal Treatments", but how many of them are Chlorine Free? Current lab testing results show that when adding Chlorinated Paraffin or Chlorinated Olefins to a base oil, no physical damage will occur, but chemical makeup of the oil will change manufacture's specs of Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and other important detergents to be reduced by volume, which in return will not pass OEM factory specs. Also these types of additives can cause acid formations which in return, cause internal component damage and pitting. Make sure not to use those so called “Oil Stabilizer” products or Ceramic Base products, they will change the physical properties of your oils and may cause viscosity issues with your fuel system and or oil pressure recommendations.

Mettle Plus has been tested and proven to work in wind-mill gear boxes to help reduce operating temperatures as well as reduce wear metals when doing oil analysis. Proven to be compatible with leading manufacture of windmill gear oil Renolin Unisyn CLP 320, no fall out, no separation and no chlorine. Mettle Plus is safe to use on all types of rubber seals passing the SAE J2643 seal test with flying colors.

A quality Metal treatment is designed to interact with metal surfaces in a molecular and chemical process to create a protective buffer on the surface of the metal. This is not a film or coating over the metal. Molecules in the metal treatment are polarized and actually bond with the metal surface. Mettle Plus molecules are activated by extreme pressure and heat, meaning that the metal treatment performs best right where it is needed most! The result is significantly reduced harmful friction and heat. High oil temperatures accelerate oxidation of the engine oil and the formation of acids, peroxide, carbon residue, sludge and varnish formations. As oil temperature rises, oxidation takes place, the oil becomes increasingly corrosive, and oil viscosity decreases resulting in a loss of lubrication. Certain metal conditioners help reduce heat so that the oil can maintain maximum protection, performance, and film strength. Can be used in engine applications, (racing or everyday driving), gear applications and an excellent camshaft break-in lube. Mettle Plus is used by today’s top racers protecting 10,000+ Horse Power Engines, protecting from the wear and tear as they do over 300 mph down the 1/4 mile track.

Mettle Plus in Suspension Oil

Mettle Plus aka CleanBoost EMT is also a great additive to use when breaking in a camshaft for those street car and race car applications. Designed to protect your camshaft from failing in today's low Zinc oils. When ZDDP is not an option, CleanBoost EMT will work great for protecting your valve train. CleanBoost EMT is used by racers across the nation and has been proven for years to protect those high horsepower engines.


  • Gasoline or diesel engines

  • Natural Gas Engine Applications (Cat 3500 and 3600 Series)

  • New or high mileage engines

  • Truck, Marine, and Railroad engines, Construction, Off-Road, Motorcycle and Small Engines

  • Compatible with petroleum or synthetic oils

  • Differentials (Rear and Front Axles)

  • Manual Transmissions

  • Gear Box Applications

  • Milling Machines

  • Anywhere friction can create heat and stress

  • Not Recommended for Automatic Transmissions or Wet Clutch Applications