20w50 Racing Oil

Keep Your Engines Clean by Using Our Racing Oil


CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil has  been developed with the engine builder in mind. Using the same technology as our Diesel Duty 15w40 and 70W Racing Oil, the CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil will help protect your street machine as well as your race car with our patented technology.

CleanBoost Performance Motor Oils are designed to treat and protect the moving parts of your engine, creating an extreme pressure boundary layer between moving parts with as much as 10-times the leading oil’s film strength. The greater the film strength, also known as the EP Rating, the better your oil will perform, which is why we can say with confidence that CleanBoost Racing Oils provides the best wear protection in the industry today. Our 70W Nitro Oil has won world championships and protects those 8000 Horse Power engines down the 1320 foot of track, making sure for a great finish.

Don't let your oil flatten your camshaft, CleanBoost Engine Oils are designed with plenty of Zinc and Moly to help the best engine builders keep their masterpieces running longer and smoother. CleanBoost has been tested in engine with 100-HP to 10,000-HP, help keep those bearings, crank-shaft and camshafts running long and efficient.

CleanBoost 15w40 and 20w50 is great for solid camshaft applications, break in those new components right with CleanBoost.

CleanBoost 20w50 Racing Oil is available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon options for the serious racers  or street car lover needing protection for their high dollar, high performance engines. Professional racers to street racers tell us they have not seen any oil like this in the market place. Look at our YouTube channel to see videos and testimonials about our products.

Our motor oils contain no solvents, plastics, graphite, boron, Teflon or chlorine, keeping your engine’s internal parts clean and performing like they should.

Check out our testimonials on YouTube as well as FaceBook, you wont be disappointed in the final results.