CleanBoost Silver

CleanBoost Silver

CleanBoost Silver is our one Fuel Treatment you can run all year with great results.

CleanBoost Silver will takes # 2 diesel fuel to -25 degrees F, a great solution for fuels.
One (1) 16oz bottle will treat up to 110-gallons of fuel!!! Great price, great product
Adds lubricity to fuel to help protect injectors and fuel system as well as help improve fuel economy.

CleanBoost Silver is our most convenient, year-round diesel conditioner, specially formulated to maximize both performance and fuel economy. Safe to use in all diesel engines, including high-pressure fuel systems, EGR and DEF applications. Works in all grades of diesel, including biodiesel, ULSD and winter blends.

CleanBoost Silver is offered in a 16oz bottles and will treat up to 110-gallons of diesel fuel. CleanBoost Silver is made to help the Over The Road Trucking Company apply one bottle per tank to keep your engine running smoothly and efficient. CleanBoost Silver can also be used for personal diesel applications, construction equipment, mining, agriculture and stationary equipment.

CleanBoost Silver is designed to work with #1 and #2 Diesel Fuels as well as B5, B10 and B20 Bio-Diesels to reduce pour points and stop Gelling in cold weather climates. CleanBoost Silver is a unique blend of EVA copolymers combined with our CleanBoost formula to help lower the cold filter plug point of harder to treat diesel fuels and give protection when used in ULSD fuels.

CleanBoost Silver can be used year-round for both summer and winter blend fuels. CleanBoost Silver will increase lubricity on ULSD fuels and help protect injectors and injector orings as well as help with fuel economy with the same chemistry as our CleanBoost Gold formula.


​CleanBoost Silver Fuel Treatment

  • Year-round fuel condition for better fuel economy, added lubricity to ULSD Fuels, fuel system cleaner and cold weather gel prevention.

  • Reduce opacity results when emission testing with CleanBoost Silver, tests show lower opacity when adding to diesel fuel.

  • Inhibits growth of wax crystals in storage tanks and equipment/truck fueling systems depresses the pour point, allows fuel to flow easier in cold temperatures.

  • Improves CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) behavior.

  • Reduces need to use kerosene dilution for pour or flow control.

  • Helps diesels start in cold weather environments.

  • Improves Fuel Economy and keeps fuel system clean

  • Helps reduce emissions with significant reduction in opacity. 

The Cloud Point of diesel is the temperature at which solid waxy particles begin to form within the diesel fuel.  Another way to say it is the cloud point is the point at which solid wax crystals begin to form within the diesel fuel.  If the diesel fuel stays at the cloud point temperature long enough, then sufficient wax solids can form that result in a plugged fuel system and an inoperable vehicle.