Top Tier Gasoline Detergent

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Top Tier Gasoline Additive

CleanBoost TTG-5400 Additive will help keep clean and clean-up intake valves and injectors, which can result in:

"A fully scalable additive with EPA and TOP TIER™ certification"

  • Better fuel economy

  • Maximized power and peddle acceleration

  • Reduced emissions (tail pipe emissions) 

  • Works in E5, E 10 and E20 ethanol fuels

  • Reduced combustion chamber deposit control

  • Demulsibility in bulk fuels for Fuel Jobbers

  • An "A" rating in corrosion protection

  • Low viscosity for easy handling and flow ability

Designed to control the unique deposit forming tendencies of DIG vehicles

–First intent product to meet the anticipated increase in ethanol concentration (E10+)
–Improved economics through:

  • Enhanced fluid carrier system

  • Unique detergent system designed for DIG engine platforms

  • Lower treat rates

OEM Vehicle Manufactures Requiring Top Tier Fuels:

  • GM (General Motors)

  • VW (Volkswagon)

  • BMW

  • FORD

  • AUDI





Available for Fuel Jobbers, Fuel Distributors, Oil Companies Fuel Stations, Refineries and many others looking for Top Tier Gasoline for their customers. Call us today for more details and pricing.

  • Package Sizes: 55-gallon (205 liter drums) & 325-gallon (1230 liter totes)