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Combustion Technologies

Proactive Maintenance Solutions Better Economy with Reduced Emissions

Combustion Technologies is a private company located in the Sandy, Utah, specializing in products and services, focused on equipment performance and maintenance, coupled with measurable reductions in operating costs and emissions.

We offer proactive maintenance solutions for individuals, small to large fleets, mining equiopment as well as oil & gas/pipeline and drilling equipment.

CleanBoost Products & Combust Filtration:

Combustion Technologies provides inovative solutions for personal vehicles, fleet vehicles, diesel running equipment (gensets, pumps, heaters) mining companies, fuel jobbers and more..........

Combustion Technologies

We are the exclusive manufacturer of:

  • CleanBoost Fuel Treatments

  • CleanBoost Motor Oil

  • Combust Filtration Products

  • CleanBoost Specialty Lubricants

We Also Manufacture and Offer the following:

  • Fuel Additives for Retail/Bulk Fuel Jobbers

  • Winter & Summer Fuel Additives

  • Engine Metal Treatment

  • High Perrformance Engine Motor Oils

  • High-Temperature Greases

  • Engine Bypass Filtration

  • Combust Engine & Fuel Filtration¬†

  • Fuel Polishing & Oil Filtration Carts

  • Custom Fuel Filtration Systems

Our Mission

Combustion Technologies is an industry leader and it is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality products combined with the best solutions, maintenance, and superior customer service.

Our Products/Services

  • Fuel Additives & Treatments

  • Additives for both Summer & Winter

  • Specialty Lubricants & Oils

  • CleanBoost Brake Cleaner

  • Penetrating Lube Spray

  • Car Care Nano-Sheen

  • CBOA (CleanBoost Oil Absorbent)

  • Engine By-Pass Filtration

  • Fuel Polishing Carts

  • Fuel Filtration Systems

  • Turbine Oil Filtration Carts

  • Mining Filtration Carts

  • DNFT-Whitlock Products

Combustion Technologies