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DNFT performs monitoring and shutdown functions like No-Flow, Low-Flow or Excessive-Flow for Divider-Block Lubrication Systems. The DNFT is a totally enclosed solid state electronic device for detecting Slow-Flow and No-Flow on in-line progressive lubrication systems.  Part numbers may include:

000149,  000169, 000170, 000172, 000353, 000360, 000506, 000507, 000518, 000519 and many others..........but moving forward in 2024 some of the models will be obsolete and replaced by other compatible models. Models that will be obsolete will be: (LCC: 000149, 000353 & 000360), (PRG: 000518).


The Digital No-Flow Timer incorporates a crystal oscillator to accurately monitor the cycle time of the lubrication system enabling precision timed shutdown capability. An internal Lithium battery powers it, which is easily replaceable. The only model moving forward with digital read out will be the (000519 PRS-PS).

The Digital No-Flow Timer is an ISO 9001 certified product and the ISO certification can be viewed here. All Digital No-Flow Timers also come with a 1-year warranty and we carry the replacement batteries as well in stock.

Air Throttles

This is a microprocessor based product that converts control air pressure to voltage (analog signal). Switch, 4-20mA, 0-9V/1-9V and RS 232 can also be used as input to generate the analog output signal, which is the required signal to throttle the CAT ECM from 0-100%. There is a serial interface provided to facilitate programming and setup. This will also respond to serial commands to throttle the engine.

Air throttles are used to directly control the power output of engines. Air throttles part numbers are:

  • 000642

  • 000774

Proximity Switches

Proximity switches are devices that are used to accurately monitor fluid or grease lubrication systems. They are completely sealed and specially manufactured for industrial use. The proximity switch is easy to use and can be installed on either side of the divider block. Part numbers may include: 000169, 000170, 000171, 000172 & 000173.

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